• RELEASE DATE /April 28, 2017


  • LABEL /Whaling City Sound

  • FORMAT /Digital / CD


You wouldn’t think so, but jazz guitar and bass duets are surprisingly rare in recorded jazz, especially considering how common they are on stage. Maybe it’s the sheer nature of the musical context, how it discourages musicians from attempting such stark documentation of their art. There certainly is no place to hide, and it becomes a real challenge to create a compelling musical experience. But that’s if you’re talking about the project in the wrong hands. In the right hands, a guitar and bass can reward the listener with often exhilarating, beautifully nuanced interplay: a musical gift combining individual visions with mutual respect. Wood and Strings shines an intimate light on the simple joys of collaboration. John Stein and Dave Zinno bring with them lifetimes of musical experience and the canny ability to cultivate personal and musical ground together.

Artists: John Stein guitar / Dave Zinno acoustic bass