• RELEASE DATE /February, 2014


  • LABEL /Whaling City Sound

  • FORMAT /Digital / CD


A Few Words

Despite its sophistication, intricacy, and nuance, at root, this is danceable music. Set against nimble, multifaceted drumming, the lines played by the other musicians weave, bob, spin, dart in and out, embrace on occasion, and, well, Tango . . . Stein lures you into his music, the notes begin to slip under your skin, grow there, and leave a lasting impression. It’s not simply that days later you’ll find yourself humming some phrases that you heard; you’ll find yourself feeling them. You’ll not be the same music listener after hearing John Stein. (John Thomas, from the liner notes)

John Stein, guitar; with the Mingotan Project: Matias “Mingo” German, drums; Rebecca Kleinmann, flutes; Evan Harlan, accordion; John Lockwood, acoustic bass.

Musical arrangements by John Stein and Matias “Mingo” German.