• CATALOG /JRCD20140
  • LABEL /Jardis
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD


A Few Words

Conversation Pieces is John’s second collaboration with extraordinary saxophonist David (Fathead) Newman. John’s composing gives them plenty to talk about. . . These compositions seduce the listener with their lyrical charm and their bluesy candor, but also engage the players with their fresh chord changes and arrangements. . . The best jazz albums are the ones in which the players listen to one another and respond in ways that push and prod the music in unanticipated directions. . . No one has to shout to be heard and no one cuts off anyone else. Instead everyone listens as they play and the conversation among them is intricate, exciting, and deep.”

(Ed Hazell, from the liner notes)

John Stein, guitar; David “Fathead” Newman, reeds; Keala Kaumeheiwa, bass; and Greg Conroy, drums.