• LABEL /Whaling City Sound
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD
Concerto Internacional de Jazz Recording Session


A Few Words

“Don’t expect an album of conventional Brazilian jazz… In fact, the band’s ability to imply a beat—to play with it and circle around it—owes as much to Bill Evans’ trios or the Miles Davis quintet of the 1960s as it does to native Brazilian elements. And yet, this is jazz played by Brazilians. In a very real sense, it couldn’t have been made anywhere else but Brazil. There’s an approach to ensemble playing, a way of articulating rhythm, and a sense of melody that seems essentially Brazilian in character.” (Ed Hazell from the liner notes)

John Stein, guitar; Frank Herzberg, bass; Zé Eduardo Nazario, drums; Alexandre Zamith, piano; Bocato, trombone; Teco Cardoso, flute and bass flute; Pedro Ito, percussion.