John’s newest recording was released by Whaling City Sound in January, 2017. This recording, Color Tones [WCS 089], is a triple threat, featuring top-shelf jazz composition, arranging, and the world-class musicianship of John Stein on guitar; Fernando Brandão on flutes; Phil Grenadier on trumpets, John Lockwood on bass, and Zé Eduardo Nazario on drums.

“Catalyzed by John’s compositions, arrangements, and performances, the musicians add layers to the canvases, but take care not to cover the others’ contributions and not to make the art unappealingly dense. The performances here are light and airy; the music is profound, yet enjoyable. The musicians support and challenge one another, and reward the listener with a clear and concise work of art whose components interlock without overlapping.” (John Thomas, from the liner notes)

We have copies now, so click on the Color Tones link to check the new recording out.

Wood and Strings

In April, 2017, Whaling City Sound will release a recording featuring John in duet with the virtuosic bassist Dave Zinno entitled Wood and Strings, [WCS 093]. Recorded at Cork, a fine tapas restaurant in New Bedford, MA, the recording captures the two musicians in mature, spontaneous, deep, and respectful instrumental conversation. If January’s new recording Color Tones features John’s compositional and arranging skills, and the collaborative efforts of a quintet, Wood and Strings shines a spotlight on the simple joys of playing music with an inspiring partner.

We will have copies in a few weeks, so click on the Wood and Strings link to check the new recording out.

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